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Stacking necklaces are always a hit as long as the lengths are different. Luckily, you can adjust a lot of your Abelstedt necklaces, and if they aren’t long enough, you can always get an extra extender if you wanna go for that deep, sexy V-necklace look.

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I don’t like to have my fingers full of rings. For me, it is more important to have a few that really stand out. I often go for a ring stack on my left hand, like on the picture below, together with a wider band ring on my right hand.

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Time for Tea

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I often go for a more extravagant earring look. The Abelstedt A freshwater pearl earrings and a lot of the Flora earrings are definitely my favorite ones. These are the pieces that I absolutely get the most compliments on.

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Julie Abelstedt from the back

I hope all of you girls could be inspired!

Lots of love,


Un merci pétillant d'avoir lu.

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