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Running Abelstedt is not always fun.

It can be hard sometimes, and sometimes it can feel like I cannot keep up.

It has been a while since I launched a new collection. And I am sorry about that! I know that so many of you have asked for new launches.

I felt like I had to make new styles often. But the problem is that when you’re being told exactly what is “needed” for a specific market or asked to constantly repeat the same styles, the wind is taken from your sails, so I felt like I had to take a long break before making a new collection.

To me, creating new styles is about having the time to create something magical. But figuring out every little detail, prong setting, and much more is not fun if you are pushing yourself to just get a fast design done to keep up with time.

The collections we have now is and will forever be something I am proud to have created and designed. It has provided me with so much knowledge about an industry I love, insight about customers I adore, and the opportunity to connect with all of you and those professionals who echo my love and appreciation of a feminine-driven passion for style.

Now, I am ready to design new styles again and I am already in the process of developing and designing some unique pieces that I am sure you all will love. I DO – haha!

Anyway, in the time between business and design, I have been emailing with a lot of you guys. Listening and replying to your questions and inquiries have taught me so much. And never before have I been so happy as I am now due to the friendships, the beautiful photos, the heartfelt messages, the weddings and special moments (big and small) I have received from customers all over the world.

This is the single most rewarding part of all I do. You truly have changed my life. I am forever grateful.

That is why I would love if you guys would to let me know if there is anything design-wise you wish for in the upcoming collections. I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas for a new ring, necklace, or a pair of earrings.

I am working on a collection that is more personal where you guys can design your own piece, engrave, and just make it extra personal. Actually, more than 50% of our orders come from men, but that doesn't mean that we can't buy jewelry for ourselves! We have to, whether it is jewelry, a pair of shoes, or a new car!

Our Abelstedt community is growing each day and so will the collection of designs. I promise.

So, don't hesitate to send me and email ( if you have any wonderful ideas that you would love included in upcoming collections. All replies go directly to me and I read all of them.

The continued success of Abelstedt has given me the confidence to rethink the way we wear jewelry and make my designs more daring and out of the box. This is exactly what the new collection is an outcome of.

But I would love your help to make it complete!

Sparking hugs,
Julie Abelstedt

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