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The Most Popular Engagement Rings According to Our Data

My latest survey showed some expected and some surprising results.
Julie Abelstedt
Founder of Abelstedt

I often get the question about what design for an engagement ring that’s the most popular. So I decided to find out. Usually, I don’t recommend that you just go for the most popular design, because an engagement ring should suit you/her style, personality, and dreams. However, it does provide a kind of reassurance to know that the design chosen is popular among others. At least you are not completely missing the target if you are looking for an engagement ring for your better half and are a bit lost in relation to his/her preferences.

The trend in engagement rings shifts from year to year, though not as much as in the clothing industry. Jewelry is often more classic in design and so are engagement rings. The same classic designs have consistently been popular since the 19th century and even jewelry giants have not changed their designs in many years.

To learn more about the most popular engagement rings here in 2022, I did an extensive survey with over 1000 respondents who had been engaged from February to December 2021. The results are telling.

Our data at Abelstedt shows that 84% of all engagement rings sold have a clear, white center stone of either a white diamond or a white sapphire. Out of this number, 56% of the purchased engagement rings have stones down the side of the engagement ring and a halo with small diamonds around the center stone while 29% choose a solitaire engagement ring without small diamonds around the center stone.

A halo engagement ring is thus more popular than a solitaire engagement ring. You can see the difference between the two here:

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring

What’s the Most Popular Engagement Ring Right Now?

In recent years, we have seen quite a few select an emerald cut center stone with diamonds down the side of the ribbon and then a double halo with diamonds around the center stone. Big social influencers such as Mathilde Gøhler and Disney star Clara Marz have both been spotted with an emerald cut diamond and sapphire ring from Abelstedt, which, of course, has helped make this design a particular hit in our engagement collection.

The Most Popular Center Stone in an Engagement Ring Is the Round Cut

Although many choose a more creative shape and cut, the round cut in particular is a cut that never goes out of fashion and which will likely always be the most popular engagement ring. According to my survey, 42% have an engagement ring of this style with a round cut stone. The round cut’s appearance is timeless, versatile, and provides lots of sparkle. A round cut is conical from the bottom to maximize the light back through the top of the diamond or sapphire which looks great in any light and environment. Round cut will always be a classic.

The New Trend in Engagement Rings Is Oval Cut

Do you also see the oval engagement ring every time you open Instagram? If that’s the case, you are not alone. The oval cut diamond or sapphire has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. According to my survey, as many as 18% have an oval cut center stone. This is an increase of almost 20% since 2020, and in 2014, the figure was only 2%.

Who knows? Maybe one day the oval cut center stone will overtake the round cut. Although the round stone is still at the top for engagement rings, it turns out that it may be facing a fall. Although as many as 42% have an engagement ring with a round stone, that number has dropped by 3 percentage points since last year, and it looks like the curve has started to fall even more.

So why has the oval engagement ring become so popular? The answer can of course be found in the great celebrities. Blake Lively was one of the very first to show off his large oval engagement ring in 2012. Subsequently, even more celebrities have come up with the same popular cut. Stars such as Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian all have oval cut engagement rings, and that certainly doesn’t hurt the popularity of cut.

Besides its accepted status from lots of celebrities, the oval cut can do something else as well: it can give the illusion of extending the finger with its elongated shape. The shape also makes the carat of the stone look bigger than it really is. And if you add a halo or maybe a double halo around the diamond or sapphire, it will look even bigger. The oval shape is especially beautiful if you want to put more rings next to the engagement ring such as band rings. It gives a beautiful, overall look when the oval stone sits a little above your other rings on the finger.

Next after the oval cut is the princess cut (the square diamond or sapphire). It’s thus the third most popular cut. 10% of all respondents have chosen a princess cut. Subsequently, there is the cushion cut and the pear cut with approximately 6% each.

The Most Popular Precious Metal for an Engagement Ring Is White Gold

When you look at an engagement ring, you’ll probably first notice the center stone cut and you will most likely see one of the cuts mentioned above. And yes, it’s true that the center stone is the most defining factor for the expression of the ring. But believe it or not, the precious metal actually has a drastic impact on the visual appearance and durability of the engagement ring. An engagement ring of yellow gold can, for example, give a warmer glow in the diamond or sapphire than, for example, platinum.

According to my research, however, the most popular precious metal is white gold. 47% of respondents said they have a white gold ring, then gold, and subsequently silver. Platinum is not as widely used in Europe as it is in the US, for example. However, we see an increasing number of clients selecting yellow gold.

Personally, I recommend choosing a white gold ring if you have a design that is covered with precious stones and diamonds since the bright color makes the stones stand out more clearly and cleanly than yellow gold would.

The Most Popular Center Stones in an Engagement Ring Are Diamonds and Sapphires

When it comes to the center stone of an engagement ring, diamonds are a consistent favorite. As De Beers once marketed: “A diamond is forever”. My data shows that 75% of all engagement rings have a clear white diamond as the center stone.

However, the diamond is not the only gemstone that hits. 10% of respondents said their engagement ring has another gemstone in addition to diamonds which makes their ring even more unique. This may indicate that consumers are now interested in finding budget-friendly alternatives to the diamond that, at the same time, carry more ethical and sustainable benefits.

Of those who do not have a diamond ring, the sapphire is the second most popular choice. Sapphires makes up 17% of all engagement rings with gemstones. Morganite and opals both make up approximately 6% while emeralds make up about 3%.

Ultimately, it’s about choosing a ring that is unique in a way that fits perfectly with you or the receiver of the engagement ring. And while round cut diamonds and sapphires are consistently the most popular choices, several couples are experimenting with shapes that are as unique as they are. I generally think our own customers are less concerned about fitting into the ‘box’ and are more focused on a unique ring that speaks to them and to their mutual love.

I hope my guide and collected data could give you some inspiration and bring you a little closer to what decision is right for you when buying an engagement ring.

You can check out our entire selection of engagement rings here. All Abelstedt engagement rings generally consist of white gold or yellow gold with diamonds and a sapphire center stone of all cuts. If you want a diamond as a center stone, it’s certainly possible. All you have to do is click on “request a diamond center stone” under the product and I will get back to you with a no-obligation quote. If you want a completely unique design according to your own wishes and dreams, it’s also possible. Just write on the chat and you will get in touch with me or one of our other design experts.

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The Most Popular Engagement Rings According to Our Data
My latest survey showed some expected and some surprising results.
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Delivery Information

The Abelstedt team packs and ships your jewelry so you have it safe and secure within:

United States & Canada: 3-5 business days
Europe: 2-4 business days
Rest of world: 5-7 business days

We offer a free shipping option for all orders over $150.


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